Stampin’ Rewards

STAMPIN’ REWARDS are given to customers from Stampin’ Up! and are separate from the Loyalty Rewards offered by The Stamping Ninja.

For large orders over $150 (before tax and shipping), Stampin’ Up! will reward you with a monetary percentage from the total sale (price before tax and shipping) that can be used toward purchasing additional merchandise with your order, and will applied to your order automatically.

A 50% discount** will be given on one item when your order exceeds $450, in addition to the rewards.*

Additional merchandise includes items in the catalog(s) and/or the on-line clearance rack. The percentage amount awarded is as follows:

Sales  (before tax & shipping)Stampin’ Rewards*50%-Off Item**
$600 or more16%1

*Stampin’ Rewards cannot be used on a 50%-off item.

**Items that can be purchased with this 50% off include full-priced items and qualifying stamp/tool bundles only. Suite bundles that consist of a stamp/tool plus additional products are not available for purchase at 50% off.

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